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Scholarships for Hypnotherapy and Reiki


Please note that we are currently reviewing our entire scholarship program and the details and process will more than likely be changing or be eliminated in the near future.  For those waiting to apply through a scholarship, the time would be "now" to make sure your application is considered.

What you need is what you get...

I've looked at so-called scholarships for Hypnotherapy Certification or Reiki Certification Classes from other schools, and I must say, theirs are either non-existent, or for a small portion of the training or are extremely difficult to get. 

Our scholarships and financial aid are different...

...they are real and you can get one if you need it. I want people to be able to afford the training they want. I can even give you scholarship to make it even more affordable.  At the same time, I don't want to be taken advantage of by people who can afford to pay but just don't want to pay.

That being said, if you want to be a hypnotherapist, and you truly don't think you can afford it, think again.  I'll make it affordable as well as fair for you and I both.  I'm helping healers BE healers.  All you need do is be up front and honest with me, and we together will make it happen for you.  I'm building life-long relationships with my students, and that begins with trust and support from both sides.

Scholarships are based BOTH on financial need of the student AND on the desire of the student to be a Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist/Reiki Energy Practitioner. 

The number of Scholarships and amount of Financial Aid available for each training is LIMITED to a small number of students so apply as soon as possible.

Also be aware that working at The Healing Shoppe in order to pay for your tuition is a VERY limited option.  

Read what is outlined below.  Make an honest effort at writing up your proposal, and if you still have questions or need help, contact Rick at The Healing Shoppe & Learning Center.

To Apply For a Scholarship or financial aid, submit all of the following:

Please submit all of the following in person or by mail to: 

The Healing Shoppe & Learning Center
Southern California College of Hypnotherapy
316 N Mountain Ave 
Upland CA 91786 
Attn: Rick/Scholarship-Aid Application
1. Application fee of $20.00 (Non-refundable even if denied admittance).
NOTE: You must include your fees along with the rest of the required information. Applications are not considered at all if the appropriate registration and application fees are not included.  Processing times vary but you should hear back with a decision within 14 to 21 days in most cases.  If you need to know right away, you may include an additional non-refundable "rush fee" of $50.00 that will cut the processing time to 7 days. 

2. For the HYPNOTIST TRAINING or the HYPNOTHERAPIST CERTIFICATION TRAINING, you must also submit the registration fee of $200.00 along with your application.  This is non-refundable unless you are turned down for admission into the program or if the class is cancelled or postponed for more than 30 days from the published start date.

3. For the REIKI CERTIFICATION TRAINING there is no registration fee, only the application fee in #1 above. Scholarships/Aid is only available for those people taking the full 4 levels of Reiki on a single day.
EXAMPLE: For the Hypnotherapy training, you would submit $200 plus $20 = $220.  For the Reiki CertificationTraining, you would submit $20.

For either scholarship, include the above fees along with the following:

4. Your full name and contact information including:
-The name of  certification training for which you are applying.
-The date of the training for which you are applying.
-Your Full Name
-Your Phone Number/Cell Number
-Your Current Mailing Address
-Your Email
5. A brief statement to tell me why you can't afford the tuition or standard payments for the class you will be taking. In addition to telling me which Certification is the one for which you are applying, also include answers to the following:

A.) What down payment can you afford?
B.) What monthly payment can you afford?
C.) Any type of barter or trading of services you propose.

Your proposal should outline a way to pay or barter for the entire cost of the course in some way that you are willing to do.  Past students have been quite creative, but the main methods of payment were cash plus trading time and services for tuition credit.  

6. An essay detailing your desires and intentions upon completion of this class.

Why do you want to be a Hypnotherapist and/or Reiki Practitioner? You really need to convince me here why you'd be a good healer.  I'm looking for people passionate about healing and helping others through these methods and why.

Please include:
1.) Why do you want to be a hypnotherapist/healer?
2.) Why should I give you a scholarship?
3.) What do you plan to do with your certification?

In general, for a scholarship or financial aid, you are expected to pay a reasonable amount toward your tuition and monthly payments as determined by your financial situation.  You additionally need to convince me of your intention to pursue a career utilizing the healing practices you will be learning and that you have a genuine interest in utilizing the training in helping others.

If you are granted a scholarship and/or financial aid, you will be required to fill out additional forms that spell out the terms or the aid as agreed upon.  You will only receive your certificate after having completed all payments as agreed.  You may not advertise or publish in any way that you have been trained here or that you have taken our courses until payment has been received in ful.
*All registration fees are non-refundable unless you are turned down for a scholarship or are not admitted into the training program to which you have applied.  The $20 application fee as well as any rush fee is non-refundable, period.
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